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Conceive. Create. Champion.

Conceive. Create. Champion.


I got a job in Thailand!!!! Wowzers buddy!!!

Right so.. here's the thing. I'm sitting down, enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and contemplating what has happened in last than 4 months. 

Initially the plan was to come for 3 months and go from there. I never lied about the fact that I would try to find a job so... 

Training has been great but I started feeling 3 months wouldn't be enough to get me to the level I wanted with my Muay Thai. So I put all my energies into trying to find a way of staying here longer and for that, money was required - online work, full time or part time job here, anything!

It shouldn't come as a surprise that I actually got both!!! Online work AND a 1 year contract teaching in a school. HOW COOL IS THIS??? 

Once I got it, it actually hit me... is this really what I want?? Do I want to be here for a year?? 

Everyday people ask me how I did and how cool it is... I even got a "Now I want to work and train in Thailand for 1 year as well!"

Well... it is possible!! See my headline?? CONCEIVE (the idea). CREATE (the opportunity). CHAMPION (make it happen! Whatever it is!!)

Just saying peeps. 

Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed and hope the Government accepts my working visa application. Woop Woop!

Just wanted to share this post with you and show you how there is always ways to go about what you want. You just need to keep at it until you get the outcome you desire. 

Stay beautiful my sweeties! 

With love, K.


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