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Command your mind

Command your mind

Hello my friends! Gosh it has been a while.

I wrote this post a while back but only managed to finish it now so here it goes:

Training has been extremely hard and, if I'm being honest, a lot of times demotivating. 

I am normally a fast learner, and it's not just me saying. A lot of people I've worked with say so, which actually led me to work in so many different areas. Coming to Thailand, I was confident I was going to pick up a lot of stuff very quickly. 

Muay Thai however... is proving to be a bigger challenge than I expected. 

When I started western boxing things just naturally fell into place. I had the right movement, I understood it and most importantly, my body understood it. More than once, people told me I was a natural.

I'm not saying I totally knew what I was doing - specially visible on my first fight - but it definitely felt more natural.

Yesterdays' training my mind kept telling me "Maybe this is not for you! Your body just doesn't get it! Just give it up. If you don't get it after 3 months in Thailand, then you never will!".  I have thought this before and it pains me to admit it. But this is the journey, and all of it is important. 

Trying to look for a way out of it I figured I needed the right answers to these involuntary thoughts. You see, your mind will send you inputs throughout the whole day. Constantly speaking to you and bombarding you with new thoughts / feelings. Not half of it is true.  I've learned that distancing myself from these thoughts is key for my own peace of mind and work.

So this morning I went training with the right ammunition and even though I still had the same thoughts as yesterday, they were not as constant and it didn't affect me as much. My answer was "I'm on the right path! This is all part of learning!"

This is a proven technique and this is why I decided to write this post.

Throughout the day we have hundreds of thoughts and feelings coming to our minds. Jumping up like confetti, leaving a mess. The problem for the majority of us is that we think we are those thoughts, those feelings. Well here is a big fucking NO. No we are not those feelings and we can find ways to kill them. Here's how:

Focus on being more aware of the thoughts that pop into your head. Try to establish a separation between you and those thoughts. Isolate the 3 main thoughts, those 3 little voices you hear constantly. 

Write them down in a piece of paper if you must but try to understand what are they anchored to and find the right answer to it. It's as simple as this (and this was one of mine for a long time last year):

Brain: "I'm tired!"

Me: "No you're not! Look!! Can you feel the energy in your legs!?!"

Why was this one of mine last year? Because I was working 3 jobs and training 8 times a week. I didn't have time to feel tired!

Call me crazy (if you don't believe it) but I could feel it physically happening! My legs would all the sudden feel a rush of energy and my calves would stop hurting. If you can feel this physically, imagine what happens in your brain and subconscious. 

Simple! Hear your mind, listen to it. But don't let it run you. You tell your mind what to think! Don't accept emotions that are not yours. Instead, look into them, try to understand why they are coming at you, decide if they define you or not (most don't) and then carefully pick the ones you choose to believe and live by. 

My first fight in Thailand

My first fight in Thailand

Conceive. Create. Champion.

Conceive. Create. Champion.