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Kids know better, part II

Kids know better, part II

Hello again friends!

Thank you for continuing reading. All merit goes to the little ones here!

Continuing from the previous post, I want to talk about 2 more big lessons I have learned from my students. Here you go:


4. Wearing your feelings on your sleeve

One thing that really fascinates me how people behave and navigate the hurdles of emotional feelings through life. I am a true believer that thoughts and feelings are not always real, that you don’t have to take them as absolute realities. If you think about it and if you’re aware of yourself enough, a lot of times you will realise that a feeling or a set of thoughts drives from something else, usually deeper than it looks.

Here’s an example: some days you might feel grumpy and snappy and just say to yourself “Arrrgh! I’m just grumpy today! I’m just having a bad day!”, and you can proceed to ruin the rest of your day. I think, with a little more analysis, you can elaborate on this: “I am grumpy because I was not strong enough to go to training this morning and now I feel disappointed at myself. I am afraid that I will not reach the goal I’ve set for myself at the end of the month”. If you go even a little deeper, not letting this grumpy take over you and determine the rest of your day, here’s what you can tell yourself: “I am frustrated that I didn’t make it to training this morning but it’s okay. I can still make it to training tonight and even if I don’t, I have been doing a great job and that’s what’s important. Some days rest is all you can do and that is okay! This doesn’t make me any less of a person.”

You might feel angry, out of fear. You might feel needy, out of loneliness. You might feel excited out of external validation and ego.

Another example, something I have to do on a daily basis, is the active act of speaking back to the silly little voices in my head. “Damn, I am so far.. who am I kidding I’m just not good enough. I might as well not train and quit this thing!” My answer? “Na-ah!!!! F*CK OFF! Yes you can!!! Yes you are good. F*ck off voice!!”

Anyway, all this to say that kids are amazing at showing you how we adults get affected by our own thoughts and sudden rush of emotions. I watched a lot of kids panic and cry, only to realise 5min later, it was all silly and that reaction was unnecessary.

There is no specific situation here, but I remember thinking, a lot of times, how it was interesting to observe the changes in moods and attitude. Impulsive, all consuming and irrational!

It was just a constant reminder that if you don’t control your thoughts and if you don’t take emotions and feelings as passengers, they will drag you down! The way I look at it (or try, which works a good percentage of the time), feelings and emotions are passengers. You don’t have to take them as the truth. You don’t have to accept them. Specially in days where you feel a little down or lost! Let those feelings and thoughts pass, go through you. Don’t hold on to them, don’t take them as yours to keep. When going through hard days, I try my hardest not to make decisions, not to dwell on how I really feel and on what I have to do. The sun, in all its grandiosity, is sometimes hidden by clouds. But the sun is still there, somewhere. Why try to explain what the sun is, behind the clouds? Just wait it out and ride the wave. The sun will shine again!


5. The power of inspiration

You have probably heard me talk about one of my kids who is now into running, after hearing me complain about sore legs and blisters for 6 months, while I was training for a full marathon.

Well this kid is 6 years old and is now running 6km runs!!!! INSANE!!

His mum even sent me videos of him running around their garden, in the morning, before school! Can you believe it?? The cutest video was him showing his medal and saying “This is for you Teacher Kelly”. I melted 3 times!!

Him and his brother (4 years old) have taken part in quite of few runs now and I am so grateful for their amazing parents who support their children, above everything else! I have also seen mum and dad taking part on these runs. So, just like that, a whole family has possibly changed their lives forever! Even brilliant student A has joined them. Do you see the power of this? The magnitude?

Anyway, this was the big lesson for me, realising the true impact you have in a child’s life. Moreover, in his family! For the good and the bad, you can also influence them in a negative way and, that’s the scary part. But I hope I have always showed them how to be respectful, strong and independent, above everything else.

This family, this example, brings me joy on a daily basis! Who knows what he will end up doing and whether they will actually continue running. That is less important to be honest. The important thing is that I’ve opened their minds to something new, something that is positive in so many ways. Now, whenever I struggle in the gym, I remember this little power-rocket and it gives me strength to carry on.


Believe it or not, the picture above was a little project I did. I am TERRIBLE with DIY but when there’s love involved, everything can be done.

These are the main lessons I have learned from my little ones. I am sure I will remember more to post at some point.

Feel free to share with us what sort of experience you have with children, either as a teacher or even in your family. I love learning with them and hearing your stories would be pure joy!

Thank you for reading again and stay happy!



5 life lessons I learned from my students

5 life lessons I learned from my students