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Old Year / New Year thoughts

Old Year / New Year thoughts

Well hello folks!

It’s been a while, that’s true. And life has changed quite a bit recently. I apologise for not writing sooner but to be honest I have been quite content keeping a healthy distance from social media and the online world.

What’s new?

1. Ran a full marathon. 2. Got engaged. 3. At the moment, life feels like a permanent holiday.

The last 4 months of 2018 were absolutely packed with work and training. I ran over 400km from September 1st to December 9th, when I ran a full marathon. All while working 60h a week.

Why was I working 60h a week? Because I was trying to set up the lifestyle I have now: to work 10/15h a week, 100% online. It worked!!

Training wise, my focus was mainly on running and swimming. With the goal of doing a half IronMan in mind and being a terrible swimmer, I had to get work done. Simultaneously, because of my work schedule, I was not able to train Muay Thai. All gyms train from 4pm to 6pm and I was finishing work every day at 8pm. I made an executive decision and decided to focus on the sport of triathlon for a while and, to be honest, I LOVED IT!

Over those 4 months I trained hard and consistently. I got my swim from 50m to 1.5/2km. That alone, was a great achievement for me. Being able to swim and not panic, and even allowing my mind to wonder off in thought, just like you do when you run, was a great feeling.

Running became something of second nature and long distances were just something that had to be done. Over 9 weeks of training, I ran over a half marathon every weekend. Realising that when I first started was scary to say the least, but the reality is, it made half-marathons seem really easy and fast.


I am proud of what I achieved in 2018 and proud that I managed to finish a full marathon. Now the plan is to continue working towards that IronMan and get back to Muay Thai.


2019 started slower than any other year in my life. Being lucky enough to only work 10/15h a week, one of my big goals this year is to learn to relax. My whole life, I always worked 2/3 jobs at the same time and got involved in a million different things. Most times, I am good at starting things, just not great at finishing them. My books are a good representation of that. When I moved houses here in Thailand, I realised I had about 5 books bookmarked. I started them, but never finished them. “That’s a representation of my life”, I thought to myself.

I also realised, last summer, that I am always frantically moving around and chasing things/ new goals. I realised I get so caught up on what I want to achieve, and get into such a busy schedule, it becomes impossible to be present, to be in the moment. It hit me like a kick in the teeth, while I was in Portugal last summer, when I couldn’t even remember what I had done the day before. I had to physically stop, and make an effort to write and remind myself what I was doing.

I had been feeling like this over the last couple of years but was never quite sure what to do about it. I guess I still don’t know. I tend to feel lost and unsettled if I don’t have something to work towards. It almost seems like, if I’m not running around like a headless chicken, I’m not achieving things and not fully living. Crazy right!?

My partner helps me a lot with this. He constantly reminds me that it is okay to just read, enjoy a slow pace, write, learn ukelele, whatever. I do consider myself very lucky, and make an effort to always remind myself of that. I am enjoying being in such a beautiful place and having absolutely no schedule. I can get up when I want, do whatever I want, when I want.

So with this being said, in a week, we will be going down south, to spend some time at the beach. I’m packing a couple of books, my ukelele, and obviously my training gear, my swimming suit and my goggles.

More on that soon.

Seeya guys!

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