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Road to Ironman - #MadeOfMore

Road to Ironman - #MadeOfMore

Hi guys!

You might have noticed some of my posts or even the videos talking about the Ironman.

That’s right! From a person who had never ran over 5km, to attempting a full marathon and even an Ironman…. that’s what 2018 did to me.

Late last year I decided I should run more since it would help my Muay Thai. I signed up for a couple of half marathons in the beginning of 2018 and from there I realised I’d like to attempt a full marathon.

Around summer 2018, I started looking into Ironman and to be honest, what started it? “Why is it called an Ironman? Is it because women can’t do it? Fuck that, I’m gonna do one just because of that!!” … and so it started.

The most amazing thing about me trying to complete an Ironman 70.3 is the team of athletes and the project I have become involved with along the way.

The Legacy Project - Made Of More is a project led by my friend Michael Graham. I will be one of the 100 athletes doing their first Ironman in 2019 and raise money for charity. And what’s even better? We are working closely with 4 different charities who do amazing work related to mental illnesses.

Some of you may know how important this area is for me and racing an Ironman became just a little more personal. I tried to think how I will feel once I complete a 70.3 and I have decided that along with the training, where I’ll train my body to conquer all that mileage, I will also work on my mind to solve the maze of feelings left in my personal life over 3 years ago. I will be posting more about this soon.

I haven’t decided when I am doing my Ironman, mostly due to work and possibly a relocation. Yes, relocation. Where to? God knows…

Anyway, in the meantime, the Legacy Project is a wealth of great knowledge. All the athletes share tips and personal experiences. I had the pleasure of sharing 3 tips about cycling, so here is the video.

For those who might be wondering, in Ironman 70.3, "70.3" refers to the total distance in miles (113.0 km) covered in the race, consisting of a 1.2-mile (1.9 km) swim, a 56-mile (90 km) bike ride, and a 13.1-mile (21.1 km) run. That’s my plan for 2019. I would like to one day do a full Ironman … a 140.6… yeah double of all that!!

More than a race, it’s the lifestyle you have to live in order to achieve an Ironam. You don’t just rock up and do a race like this. This will be a long and lonely process of developing myself, physically and mentally.

If this appeals to you, join the team!! Let’s work on better versions of ourselves but, most importantly, help a great cause and raise dolla dolla bills for charity! Here’s our plan:

In 2019, Michael Graham (founder of the project) will race 50 endurance events- 12 of them being Ironman races. We are also looking for 100 athletes whom Michael will train to complete their first Ironman in 2019! We will have a fundraising target as a community of £150,000.

Michael will raise £50,000 and each athlete will raise £1000. We will raise the money for a small group of charities who resembles our values.

Check the project on Facebook: Legacy Project - Made Of More. Show us some support even if it’s just by sharing this post or the project’s page!

Stay on track, stay strong, smash it!

Love, K.

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